About us

Back Ground

Tehreek came into existence on 10th, May, 2003; it is registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961, with the Government of Balochistan, Pakistan.

Tehreek is an independent, non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that believes in equal opportunities and in conserving cultures, traditions and beliefs of marginalized communities it works in. Tehreek works to uplift the socio-economic conditions of deprived communities, emphasizing more on women and children.

Tehreek has history and experience in serving vulnerable and deprived communities of Balochistan in the areas of Women Empowerment, Heath, Education, Child Rights and Good Governance.

Tehreek, since its inception, has been working for development of marginalized communities of Balochistan in following sectors:

  • Education
  • Community Physical Infrastructure
  • Emergency Response
  • Women empowerment
  • Good governance
  • Child protection
  • Advocacy Capacity building
  • Health

Tehreek has achieved tremendous growth in these sectors; this success came with committed teamwork of professionals and autonomous Board of Governors, who heads the organization, with diversified experiences in Development and Relief work, Government Departments, Local Government, International Agencies/Organizations, and Not for profit Organizations.

Registration Detail

Full Name: Tehreek (For Social Development)
Established: An independent NGO since 20th February 2002
Registered under: Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies
(Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961, with the Government of Balochistan, Pakistan
Registration number: DSW 1214
Registration Date: 10th May 2003


A dynamic civil society, with surplus resources, dignified living in secure and peaceful environment, equal rights of quality education, health, justice and basic needs of life.


To contribute effectively towards improving quality of life for deprived communities through policy and practice interventions in education, health, women empowerment, child protection, community development and good governance.


  • Our documents, accounts and other information are accessible to all the stakeholders.
  • We Maintain transparency in all the matters of the organization at all levels.
  • Tehreek is an equal opportunity organization and does not allow any discrimination at any stage.
  • Maintain fairness and justice in all the matters and dealings at all levels.
  • Ensure genuine and active participation of all those for whom the interventions of the organization are meant and all those stakeholders who hold any direct or indirect interests with the programs and interventions of the organization.
  • Ensure the wise, efficient and justifiable use of all resources
  • We believe in equal respect for all within and outside the organization.
  • Being the independent organization Tehreek is against all forms of violence and extremism.
  • We promote an environment where all the social and cultural values are valued within the organization.
  • We are dedicated, conscious and accountable to our responsibilities.
  • We do approach the communities with honesty and sincerity for giving and taking the communities values.
  • We seek continuous learning from our experiences.
  • Tehreek insists on participatory approach.
  • We are determined, sincere and devoted to bring a positive change with in the communities.
  • We are striving to bring equality and equity in each sector of social life.

Our Values, and Principles

Tehreek believes in dignity and equality of all human beings. In order to strengthen this belief and to achieve organization’s mission Tehreek’s aim is to practice beliefs, values and principles in all manners.

I. Our Beliefs

  • Every individual has fundamental right to freedom.
  • Equal distribution of resources among all individuals.
  • Basic needs of food, shelter, education and health are accessible to all individuals.
  • Every individual has freedom to make and follow his/her own decisions of life, family and society.
  • Every individual can protest for his/her right in a peaceful manner.
  • Violence always breeds violence; therefore, all human/social problems and accusations should be resolved in a peaceful manner.
  • Tehreek is against all forms of violence and extremism.

II. Our Values

  • Respect and care for all human beings, belonging to any age and creed.
  • Respect for all religions, cultures and their values and norms.
  • Mobilize communities on self-sustainability and independency.
  • Protect natural environment and preserve natural resources.

III. Our Principles:

  • To give access of relevant documents, accounts and information to all stakeholders.
  • To maintain transparency and accountability at all levels.
  • To prohibit discrimination at any stage.
  • To ensure genuine and active participation of direct/indirect stakeholders and personals involved in interventions of organisation.
  • To ensure wise, efficient and justifiable use of resources.
  • To promote an organizational environment where social, cultural and religious values are valued.
  • To fulfil responsibilities with dedication, consciousness and accountability.
  • To approach communities for assistance and development with honesty and sincerity.
  • To get continuous learning from experiences.
  • To take active part in social development activities by Tehreek
  • To bring constructive changes in communities with determination, sincerity and devotion.
  • To bring equality and impartiality in each sector of social life with loyalty and motivation.